Whisper it quietly, but something’s stirring.  Deep in the Irish provinces a DJ, producer and club promoter by the name of Rebūke is creating something new and genuinely exciting. A soundclash of house, techno and rave (yes rave) records from the early 90s melded together to create that elusive thing – an original sound of his own. 

And the name Rebūke? ‘Well its a play on words on my real name which I really liked’ says the man himself. ‘But it also means ‘to intend to correct a fault’ which appealed to me too because I was getting bored with all the same old tech house I was hearing. I thought It was time to do something about that.’ he laughs.

If you’ve been in Letterkenny for a night out recently you will have likely heard Rebūke ‘doing something about it’. His own night ‘Outhouse’ has grown from humble beginnings to become a phenomenon -  inviting guests of the calibre of Solardo, Camelphat, Darius Syrossian, Mella Dee, Ejeca and Huxley. 

Rebūke may be based in Ireland but his sound is catching on worldwide. A project that was inaugurated only at the start of 2018 to capture the sound of his club -  has already seen him release EP’s and singles on Saved, Defected DFTD, Toolroom and the high charting Mother Recordings.

The head twisting synth workout ‘Outhouse’ – an early anthem for the club – and its sister track ‘Burma Apaches’ were the first fruits of this approach. Both were a highlight of Nic Fanciulli's sets through the latter part of 2017 - Burma Apaches featured on his November 2017 Radio 1 Essential Mix and duly became the first Rebūke release, on Saved in January this year. 

‘The Shining’ (Toolroom) and ‘Hanky Panky’ (Mother) have since followed suit, with SOUP NYC snapping up a second Rebūke EP for a June release - with the legendary Harry Romero providing a bomb remix of ‘Far Out’. Further releases in 2018 have followed for Under No Illusion, and ‘Dear Stalker’ on Defected DFTD featuring the vocal talents of American rapper Born I Am.

Most recently his Rebūke/rave series has been causing a major stir with reimagined versions of rave era classics such as ‘Bombscare’ and ‘The Tape’ gaining glowing reviews from A list DJs.

If all this sounds like a disregarding for the rules you’d be right. Describing the sound itself is pretty easy for Rebūke.  ‘I love house, techno, and old rave records. I’ve got a deep, almost obsessional interest in the Italian, Belgian and UK records from the early 90s and I try to bring that into my productions. Its really about capturing the dirt and energy of the records of that time and fusing it with modern house and techno that I love too. That’s definitely what appeals to me.’

It’s obviously appealing to to his crowds and fans as well…