Discovering and falling in love with house, hardcore & jungle music in the early 90's, Sooney 'borrowed' his Mum's credit card to buy a pair of 1210's, in 1993. He neither looked back, nor paid her back (yet) and once the credit card statement came in and she found out, he promised her without a hint of remorse that it would all be worth it one day; displaying at just 12 years old that he had a determined streak of ambition.

Struggling with academia he found solace working in Ruff House Records (Staines) and getting paid in vinyl, when really he should have been at school. During his teens & early twenties he DJ'd and ran flyer packs & parties throughout Staines, before branching out to London. One of his greatest accolades to date is having all his parties shutdown for being too raucous; the most recent being the 'Monster Boat Parties' where he managed five, before the captain said, 'No more'.

Having worked hard for the last 12 years to produce the music he loves, Sooney set up his own label in 2015, self funding his own releases whilst being supported by the likes of Shadow Child, Eric Morillo, DJ SKT (Kiss FM), Doorly, Gorgon City, Route 94 & Paolo Francesco, to name a few.

Since being discovered by a member of the Hot Creations family who passed the track to Jamie Jones, Sooney is now determined use the influence of his distinctive style to the house music of the future. His sights are firmly set on positive vibes and big things for 2017; already starting the year sweetly with his first release on a major house record label; 'Back to the Music EP' out on Hot Creations. The EP features a massive remix from house heavyweight, Route 94.