5 Tracks with: Pirupa

We got chatting to our man Pirupa about music and he gave us 5 special records that have played an instrumental part in his career.

From Frankie Knuckles to Talking Heads, here's "5 Tracks with: Pirupa"..

Laurent Garnier - The Man With the Red Face

"I remember I was 15 years old when this record was released, I was a sponge and I was learning from everything that was around me, my father used to play the drums at home, but also introduced me to house music and the first time that he played this record I was overwhelmed, and that was it, I knew what I had to do, it became an obsession, which lead me to my amazing career."

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place

"This track from Talking Heads was very inspirational for the new sounds I was able to hear in it, the synth was something new to me and I discovered it thanks to them."

Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song

"Frankie is another of the most significant reasons that got me closer to house music, I was so fascinated and couldn’t explain myself how they could create that beat, that sound, I wanted to learn the know how, the machines, I wanted to create something similar to that on my own."

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman

"Roughly 13 years ago I was organising parties in my hometown once we booked Luie Vega who closed his outstanding set with this track and it became our anthem for the rest of the season, I could never forget this moment as it brings back some very emotional memories."


Pirupa - Get Funky

"This track was the one that introduced me to the industry, I’ll never forget the day Nick signed this track on Cecille and was straight a success, it gave the motivation to do always better and better."