5 Tracks with.... Robert James

Next up in our '5 Tracks' series, we've got Paradise resident Robert James - who shares his favourites first timers and tracks that still resonate with him now.

"These are my top 5 tracks for when I first heard them and when they blew my socks off and the whole club or villa. They went on to become massive tracks of the summer around the world and especially Ibiza"

1. Argy - Love Dose (Luciano Remix) - Pokerflat - Played at Sankey Soaps in Manchester by Richie Hawtin 2005

"I had been at the a daytime festival in Manchester called D-compression and one of the after parties was at Sankey's. Richie Hawtin was playing, the night was a blur of course but one thing stood out and it was this! We all hadn't heard it before and couldn't get the name of it for ages! iPhones weren't about then so no Shazam, still to this day it's up there with my favourites."

2. Junior Boys - Like a Child (Carl Craig remix) - Played at Cocoon Amnesia by Ricardo Villalobos 2007

"It was about 11am and Amensia was still booting off! I think It may of been the closing but not 100%. I was my first full season in Ibiza and this was the stand out track. The part when the vocal goes "I got the end inside" the beat kicks, the place went off and then the bass comes and it went off even more. My favourite track of my season in Ibiza for sure that year."

3. Chris Carrier - I'm in Love today - Silvernetwork - Played at Cocoon Amnesia by Ricardo Villalobos 2009

"Once again its Villalobos of course causing damage on the Amnesia Terrace. This wasn't the first time I had heard it and it was already getting to become my favourite track of my Ibiza 09 season but I hadn't heard it in a club yet. From him playing techno all night to dropping this was a game changer, the whole place was getting down to some disco and having a right good old boogie."

4. Depeche Mode - John the Revelator (Tiefshwarz dub) - Played at DC10 by Ricardo Villalobos b2b Luciano 2007

"You guessed, it's Ricardo again. I first heard this on Tiefschwarz fabric CD and couldn't get it anywhere and not heard it out in a club at all. The two were playing back to back and it was a pretty amazing set and then it went up a league when this was thrown in there. I was with some of my best mates from my home town Blackpool, I even think we had our tops off. 2 mins in when the bass line steps up a notch, a very nice moment indeed!"

5. Jamie Lloyd - May I (Quarion remix) (Future Classic) - Played at a friends villa by Jamie Jones 2008

"It was at the end of my 2nd Season in Ibiza and we were at my friends villa. Jamie had been playing for about 14 hours, the sun was out we were all still up from the night before. I was with all my friends from that summer and it was a perfect way to end the season. It's a proper feel good, end of summer track to make you think and look back of how good Ibiza and the summers are. :- )"