Fleur Shore

Fleur Shore
Fleur Shore has quickly blossomed from local hero to international trailblazer. Her undying passion for music culture shines through in everything she does, from the way she plays to the records she makes. Whether headlining in Brazil, touring the US, dropping heat on the world’s most desirable labels or getting props from her tastemaking peers, she is a breath of fresh air who plays by her own rules and remains true to her personality. With that in mind, she will soon open up a new creative avenue with her own record label and event series. They will serve as another means of personal expression for someone whose unrestricted fashion sense is matched only by her musical freedom. 

Wherever Fleur plays, be that fabric in London, The Brooklyn Mirage or Amnesia Ibiza, she always represents her true self and creates those special moments dancers never forget. She is known for taking risks and isn't afraid to be bold in her selections whether playing house, techno, or going all night long. In the booth, this real deal, 360-degree creative looks to bring people together, either with wide eyes and hands in the air or in more loved-up and emotional communions. It could be with deep, heads down and eyes-closed grooves that lock dancers in a trance, or it could be with a party-starting mix of contemporary gems and well-chosen classics, but either way, her taste and dexterity always shine through. 

Her innovative productions are just as unpredictable but essential. They're created in serene studio moments when Fleur, who looks after her mind and body equally with meditation, breathing work and a healthy diet, is lost in a flow state and translating her feelings into sound. So far she's released on labels like Cuttin' Headz, Boogeyman and MicroHertz, and her style is best summed up by “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” - not only a killer track but a mission statement the ever-independent Fleur lives by.  

Fleur first broke through with a residency at TRMNL at Birmingham's Lab11 which quickly proved she has a musical understanding that goes way beyond her years. Her obsession struck early on and since then she has been on a neverending mission of sonic inquiry, exploring everything from the storytelling bars of Slick Rick to the pumping organ basslines of 90s house, the songwriting majesty of Bill Withers to the inspiring female force of Salt-N-Pepa. 

These days, it is Fleur Shore who is leading by example and inspiring the next generation to be whoever they want to be.